In 2002, a group of young dynamic business men, driven by the desire to contribute to the development of Cameroon’s financial sector, decided to create a micro-finance company called FINANCIAL HOUSE. The objective was to set up a company specializing in savings, loans at moderate interest rate, financial investments, as well as all other financial operations in line with regulations.


The company effectively opened in June 2004 in Yaoundé and was accredited by the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) as a category 2 micro-finance establishment by Decision N° 034/MINEFI of 13/03/2005, subsequent to approval of COBAC (Bank Commission of Central Africa) by decision D-2004/31 of 14/06/2004.


Since then, FINANCIAL HOUSE SA has been extending her network over the regions of Cameroon and gradually, is occupying a place of pride in a highly competitive market of micro-finance in Cameroon. Today we are happy to serve over 20,000 customers.