Etoudi Agency Inauguration

The opening of the agency FINANCIAL HOUSE S.A Etoudi on the  01st of  April 2016 is a response to the mastered growth politics of the enterprise.

Ceremony Images


The ETOUDI agency opened its doors to the public of the capital city on the 01st of April 2016 when it was exactly 10am. This opening responds to the extension politics of the enterprise.  
Amongst the guests, one could count all social groups among others, public servants, retirees, businessmen, SME/SMI and a large crowd of curious. The ceremony went sober for this 7th agency of the network. To this effect, the centre region and Yaoundé town counts within its reach 3 agencies notably: Yaoundé Hippodrome, Yaoundé Mokolo and Yaoundé Etoudi. All these agencies interconnected with those of other regions of Littoral (Akwa Palace, New Bell and Wouri) and the East region (Djeumoun road).